Summer 23 blesses the clan with so many babies! The Whirlwinds already left us, the Greeks are wild teenagers. Jurema became our youngest mum after a secret date with Diri, and only a few days later Grymmas gave birth to a big litter of seven.

Jurema's Stars

Grymma's Magical Creatures

    • Plans:

    Shoushou will have babies in May, and beautiful Grymma, if she agrees, in the end of summer. The father this year will be Diri.

    The Helvetic Cat Club determines the initial letter of all kittens of the year. Our babies get a second name, whose initial letter follows the alphabet. By coincidence Thuraya's first litter was born in an A-year, so our first litter was A-A. A lovely beginning of a new feline era of my life.

    On their site the babies follow the order of their birth, the first born on the left. Each kitten has its own gallery, just click on its picture and enjoy.