geboren 19. Juni 2018

n -  schwarz - black

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Éhad reminds me so much of her father Caracal, she is his image in black: same fierce look in her eyes, same exuberant energy, same gentle and loving character, same voice, same strong chin, same ears (except for the tufts). Her forehead is a bit rounder.
Her week points are her small size, she has been the smallest of the litter from the beginning. Her brother Éheder was 3.2 kg when he left home, and she barely reaches 2.5. But I am spoiled with large kittens, so maybe this is quite normal (question to be asked in the nfo breeder group). Then her tail is not her fathers xxl but rather a bit short like her mum's. Her baby fur could maybe tell she will not have the best fur quality (like her mum). And last but not least she is from Thuraya's first real "oups" unplanned litter: her mum Hunyaniwas promised to our youngster Diri, but had an affair with her halfbrother Caracal... So Éhad has a high inbreeding factor - which is still okay, all three grandparents stem from healthy lines, babies with Diri would be back to zero, but ...
It was clear to me I would not sell her for breeding, first of all because IF ever something unexpected comes up, the first thought will always be: the inbreeding. Even if it is something NOT genetic. And even myself I would always wonder.
I only know this little fierce and gentle panther with a lion mane is sneaking into my heart...