Born August15, 2012

nts 09 - amber smoke white

carries classic

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Nowaja is the love of my life. I am fascinated by her honey coloured eyes, her wonderful bright colour, but more than anything by her chocolate black nose in her pretty face. At birth her colour was anthracite, within a few month she changed into a bright, warm beige. She is a non-agouti cat, but because of her amber colour, she shows a distinct ghost marking in classic tabby. Her silver resp. smoke is white as fresh fallen snow, the transitions from her tabby legs to her white paws are hardly visible. Nowaja has a beautiful profile, a good chin, tall legs and a very long tail.

But what fascinates me most about Nowaja is her character: she is such an affectionate and tender sweetheart, and wants to be cuddled for hours. Her happy purring sounds like the chirping of a young bird. She is friendly with everybody, and she adores baby cats, in fact Nowaja is second mum to all Thuraya’s babies. She has a sense of humour and is as playful as a puppy dog. Her hunter face when playing hide and seek is hilarious.

Nowaja had a difficult start in her life, so for the time being she will not have babies. If the future blesses her with little ones, she will be the most tender feline mum you can imagine.