A life with cats has always been one of my hearts deepest wishes. After two decades of a nomads life I settled down and my old wish came true. Before that, at the sight of a feline I had been able to make a full break on inline-skates, climb down from a camel, or wait patiently for an infinite time besides a hedge, only to be able to caress such a magical being. Six of them sharing my live now delights me each day uncountable times, I can sit and watch them for hours, and never get tired of cuddling and caressing these marvelous cats.

I chose Norwegian forest cats, because they are very affectionate with their humans, cuddly and playful, and of course because they are *blink* the most beautiful cats on earth: big and strong cats with large paws, with a splendid half-long fur, a long and bushy tail, with a noble profile and soulful eyes. What I like is that they exist in any colour, so each litter can be a surprise. And as a nomad of the Sahara fell in love with the special amber cats, because they wear the colours of the desert, of the dunes, the rocks, the stones and of the beloved camels.

Originally I wanted two cats, Yona with her many colours, and Shamila in the colour of the dunes in the evening light. But then the silvercat Nowaja with her chocolate black nose captured my heart, I just COULD not resist her... When Aurélie was born, a golden coloured daughter of Shamila, it was soon clear she would stay, just as well as later Aurélie's daugther Elea. Two years later Caspar joined us, a handsome young male from the beautiful City of Prague. In the meantime Thuraya's gang consists of six beloved cats living with me, and one young host male, Caracal, living with friends not far away.

According to the legends, the queen of the skies rides in a carriage pulled by huge forest cats. So our small cattery got its name by the stars: Thuraya is the Arabic name for the seven stars of the Pleiades, a prominent star cluster in the clear desert nights.