October 31:

Our dream plan for this year came true, Mara gave birth to Caracal's first babies: The Celts.

October 14:

Fife-Show in Kirchberg: Caracal CAC and now Champion, Hunyani CAC and nominated for Best in Show.

October 10:

Most wonderful news: in February 2018 we will move to our forever home: the Villa Thuraya.

September 23:

Fife-show Zofingen: Caracal CAC, Hunyani CAC.

2. September:

Fife-show Neuenburg: Caracal gets his first CAC and is nominated for Best in Show.

June 24:

Yona gave birth to three handsome boys, The Spanish: Don José, Don Juan and Don Jefe.

March 30.:

Thuraya's assists the Fife Show in Oberglatt. Beautiful Mara receives her first point for champion, our furball Hunyani Ex 1 in the kitten class 7-10 month, and young Caracal Ex 1 in the kitten class 4-7 month.



Chocolate nose Caracal promises to become a handsome male and will Support Thuraya's cattery as a breeding stud in the future.

His parents Shamila and Bacuri will enjoy their lifes as happy neuters from now on.

October 18:

Shamila'sunexpected last kittens are Born, the Wildcats: Cheetah and Caracal.

August 15:

Mara surprises us with 8 babies in her first litter: the Nobles. Soon there will be big party in the house...

March 29:

Aurélie gives birth to her second litter: the Italians, 5 boys and a princess.

Like with her first litter, Nowaja is second mother for the little ones.

February 23:

Bacuri's first babies are born: Shamila gives birth to the three little Spices:  Cayenne, Chili and Coriander.

January 31:

Thuraya's is at the Fifie show in Geneva: Caspar CAC and Champion, Bacuri Ex 1 CAC

January 9:

Young King Caspar fathers his first litter: beautiful Yona gives birth to four boys, the composers.



My most beautiful Christmas gift comes from Roswitha in Berlin: MARA! Belminis Rosemary!

November 29:

Fife show Sursee: Young Aurélie gets her second CAC

October 10:

Thuraya's males are at the Fife show in Kirchberg. Caspar CAC & NOM, Bacuri Ex 1, BIV.

September 19:

Caspar and Yona represent Thuraya's at the Fife show in Widnau. Caspar CAC, Yona CACIB and now international Champion.


Bacuri has become a beautiful youngster and will be one of Thuraya's future breeding males. He moves as a host cat to Karen at the lake of Geneva, together with little Elea. Thank you dear Karen for making this possible and giving these two a most wonderful home!


Yona's little Bacuri is neither black nor blue but anthracite: an amber non-agouti boy! The surprise couldn't be bigger, as in Yona's pedigree amber is found only 11 generations in the past.

May 9:

Caspar masters his first show very calmly and with success:  Ex 1 in the kitten class, BIV and NOM.

April 28:

Aurélie has born five beautiful little tigers: the Tuaregs.

Her friend Nowaja did not leave her during birth and is now a second mum to the little ones.

March 29:

Finally he is here, Thuraya's beautiful young king: Charismatic Caspar von Lacmán

February 4.:

Yona has born five beautiful and strong babies between 19h und 2h in the morning: the Sweethearts.

Welcome on planet earth Beijo, Bisou, Biriba, Baël und Bacuri!

31. Januar:

Aurélieis at the Fife showin Genf, with 10 month for the first time in the open class. She gets Ex1 and CAC.


November 15:

Yona und Aurélie are at the Fife Show in Dornbirn, Austria.

Yona gets her 2. CACIB point. Aurélie gets Ex 2 behind the charming Hazel aus Brötzingen.

September 27:

Yona and Nowaja are at the Fife show in Thun. Yona gets her first CACIB, and Nowaja Ex 3.

August 16:

Yona and Aurélie are at the Fife show in Aarau. Yona gets her third CAC and can call herself "Champion Suria's Cat's Yona" now.

Aurélie has beautiful competition and gets Ex 2.


Mitte Juni:

Shamila's babies all found a loving home. Sand coloured Aurélie stays with us.

17. Juni:

The catrun is finished and secured. A thousand thanks to you Hans for the great teamwork, you are my star architect!

March 19:

Shamila 's first babies were born between 22pm and 4am, four sweet and strong girls.She is a caring and very proud mother.

January 28:

Yona has born Thuraya's first babies! Two boys and two girls. Mother and babies are fine.

Middle of January: 

Shamila is on honeymoon with the impressive Rigatoni Rabiata des Fines Terres, who lives not far from us.

We are looking forward to sturdy little devils around March 20.


December 15:

Shamila asssists the Fife Show in Grenchen. She gets a beautiful report from the judge and due to strong competition Ex2.

November 9:

Yona gets Ex 1 on the Fife Show in Karlsruhe


Nowaja seems to be really better now, after uncountable backlashes - and with probably some more of them ahead of her. But also two steps forward one step back are a progress! The little one is wildly determined to catch up with the other two, she is eating with an incredible appetite, like a polar bear before the winter...

October 24:

after some looong evenings of making all possible beginner's mistakes becomes understandable and

> juhuu Thuraya's Norwegian Forest Cats are online!

October 22:

Happy to know that Yona and Shamila have healthy hearts! (scanned by Dr. med. vet. Sabine Riesen, cardiologist, pawpeds certified). Thuraya's cats will be regularly supervised by a cardiologist.

September 22:

on the Fife show in Burgdorf Yona gets Ex 1. With a heart on her report and "attractive shy princess" <3

August 31:

Yona is on the world show in Mannheim and gets her first Ex 1!

July 23:

today we got the record of the KECB, the FFH and the Fife, our small cattery is now officially called THURAYA'S



It becomes obvious that something is wrong with Nowaja. Her intestinal flora and immunic system are completely destroyed. In the end of the year the bad feeling turns into a slight panic, which should stay until far into the next summer.   The causes rest for long in the dark, because the breeder refuses any contact nor gives any information.

November 31:

Little Nowaja joins us too. An old dream is coming true with these three sweethearts!

Middle of october :

Yona and Shamila are moving in :)