Born Novembe 18, 2014

a 09 22 - blue classic tabby white

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Caspar is a dream. Feline beauty in ultimate perfection. I love his noble head with it's perfect triangle and his stunning dark-rimmed eyes. Caspar has a dead straight profile and a beautiful long nose, a prominent chin and perfectly placed big ears. He wears elegant white gloves on his large predator paws. His tail is incredibly long with wonderful thick hair, and he always wears it straight in the air to show his always cheerful mood.

This magnificent boy from the city of Prague is a wonderful match for Thuraya’s ladies, and they all took him to their heart immediately.

Caspar is enticing everybody with his friendly and gentle temper. He loves to cuddle endlessly and his purr almost sounds like Nowaja’s sweet chirping. Of all cats here he is the biggest chatterbox and commenting on anything: hello I am awake, meow I want to be cuddled, hey who is this here, wow the view from up here, omg the wind today, and now please something nice to eat and by the way if you are looking for me I am sleeping up here.

Caspar is the father of our CE-litter: the composers.