Born February 4, 2015

nts 09 (22) - amber smoke white

carries classic

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Bacuri is an image of his mother Yona. His profil is dead straight, his triangle is perfect, his ears are of good size with a broad, low set basis and sweet linx brushes. He has become a beautiful big male with large white lion paws. He inherited his mother’s superb fur, including her funny white tail tip, his tail has such long and dense fur that it looks larger than the whole cat itself. Bacuri has his mother's beautiful eyes, in which you see his gentleness and his curious approach to the world. He moves with Yona’s elegance and pride, and has his own version of her loving and affectionate character.

Bacuri’s amber colour was a huge surprise. Already as a newborn he made me wonder about his anthracite version of „normal“ black tabby, the typical shade of an amber non-agouti baby. Bacuri’s father is an amber carrier, but his mother’s line had never been bred for the amber colour, there are none of the known amber lines in her pedigree. But 8 generations far behind, as one of 256 cats in this generation we found Wildwood’s Imer, the first cat who showed the gen mutation of the amber colour. The probability of Bacuri being amber too was as high as a blond baby born in a dark haired Spanish family with one single blond ancestor somewhere in the 16th century.

And indeed a gene test showed, the gene for the colour amber has silently been transmittes over all these generations - a jackpot for an amber breeder!

Bacuri later became the father of four litters: the Spices (CF-litter), the Italians (CG), the Nobles (CH) and the Wildcats (CI). In the meantime he lives as a happy neuter with the best family of the world, who loves him almost since he was born. My littly cattery owes you four wonderful litters - THANK YOU