Our breeder's association is the KECB, Katzen- und Edelkatzenclub Bern.

The KECB is a section of the FFH, the Féderation Féline Helvetique

The FFH is the only association in Switzerland which is recognized by the international breeders society FiFe (Fédération Internationale Féline)



FFH, Féderation Féline Helvetique



FiFe, Federation Internationale Féline



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From this loving and diligent cattery in Munich comes our beautiful, tender and most beloved Yona. Thank you so much dear Ingrid!


Great tigers here and


At Blue Lynx you find beautiful cats and


in this great cattery lives the father of our second litter,

GIC RigatoniRabiata des Fines Terres




Nowaja's sister and half-sister live with Denise in Bavaria



Denebola is a star constellation like Thuraya too.

And the name of the small and beautiful cattery of my dear friend Anja



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