The inicial letter of the kitten name is determined by the Fife each year. By coincidence Thuraya's first babies were born in the A-year 2014. Our babies get a second name, with an initial letter which follows the alphabet.

Thuraya's Litters:

F-M-litter from March 20, 2019: IC Suria's Cat's Yona & Over and Out Taurandir "the Buddhists"

E-L-litter from June 19, 2018: Hunyani (Thuraya's Contessa Hunyani) & CH Thuraya's Caracal Illuín, "the Tuareg II"

D-K-litter from October 31, 2017: Mara (Belminis Rosemary) & CH Thuraya's Caracal Illuín, "the Celts"

D-J-litter from June 24, 2017: Suria's Cat's Yona & Charismatic Caspar von Lacman "The Spanish"

C-I-litter from October 18, 2016: Shamila (Frederike pa Elgsporet) & Thuraya's Bacuri Cielito, "The Wildcats"

C-H-litter from August 15, 2016: Mara (Belminis Rosemary & Thuraya's Bacuri Cielito, "The Nobles"

C-G-litter from March 29, 2016: Thuraya's Aurélie Bhakti & Thuraya's Bacuri Cielito, "The Italians"

C-F-litter from February 23, 2016: Shamila (Frederike pa Elgsporet) & Thuraya's Bacuri Cielito "The Spices"

C-E-litter from February 9, 2016: IC Suria's Cat's Yona & CH Charismatic Caspar von Lacman "The Composers"

B-D-litter from April 28/29 2015: Thuraya's Aurélie Bhakti  &  SC CH*Socrates Harmony Verte "The Tuaregs"

B-C-litter from February 4, 2015: CH Suria's Cat's Yona & CH Eugen Onegin vom Arlesbrunnen "Sweet Fruits"

A-B-litter from March 19, 2014: Shamila (Frederike pa Elgsporet) & GIC RigatoniRabiata des Fines Terres "The Queens"

A-A-litter from January 28, 2014: CH Suria's Cat's Yona & IC Geb Asha de Leinoya "1001 Night"