Thuraya's kitten are raised with plenty of love and care. They share our every day life and the whole big flat. Thus they grow into affectionate and self-assured cats with a deep bond to humans.

Of course we wish for our darlings to find a new home where they are loved by their humans and have a life suitable for cats: enough space, the possibility to climb, play and hide. Because Norwegians are very sociable beings who are not happy alone, we only deliver them into households with another cat as company (except a kitten is a true loner).

If you are interested in our kitten, we are looking forward to your call and your visit here in the Wallis!

Thuraya's Aurélie Bhakti and her babysitter Nowaja

   Thurayas kitten leave here:

  • at the age of at least 14 weeks
  • Comfortable with humans and their every day life, affectionate and curious to know their new human family
  • used to different kinds and brands of food: raw meet (barf), canned food, dry Food (in small amounts), treats like dried tuna, cottage cheese, etc.
  • dewormed
  • vaccinated against viral rhinotracheitis, panleukopenia, when travelling abroad also against rabies
  • with a microchip for identification

   In their luggage they bring:

  • their pedigree from the Helvetic Cat Associacion
  • their vaccination booklet (if they travel abroad: the Swiss equivalent to the EU passport for pets)
  • A detailed health certificate from our veterinarian
  • their habitual food for the first few days in their new home