Can you say YES to each one of these statements? Then you will live happily together with your cats!

- Pets are allowed by the landlord. We have this in written form.

- All family members agree with the purchase of the cat.

- We are sure no family member has a cat allergy.

- We are aware that Norwegians are very social and that they need (any) feline company. Therefore we have two cats.

- We have enough time for our cats.

- We are aware that a cat can live 15 to 20 years or even longer.

- Our house/appartment offers the cats enough space for movement and for retreat.

- Free life: Our neighbourhood has not much traffic. The neighbours agree to have cats in the entrance and the garden.

- The balcony is secured.

- We can clean the cat's toilet twice a day and are able to clean up when a cat has diarrhea or vomits.

- We offer the cats enough possibilities for climbing and scratching, and we can live with traces from scratching on the furniture.

- We don't mind cat's hairs flying around and on the furniture.

- We can take it that playing cats sometimes make a mess or break something.

- During our vacation we make sure the cats are well taken care of.

- We are willing and able to spend around  30.- to 40.- Euro per month and cat for food and litter.

- We are willing and able  to have the cats examined regularly by the vet.

- Wir have informed us in specialist literature about the behaviour and needs of cats.