In this gallery of honour you find Thuraya’s former breeding cats, who enjoy their well deserved retirement,

and the people, without whom my small cattery wouldn't be what it is:




The mother of three wonderful litters lives now as a happy neuter with my dear friend Karen.


King of all Ambers and father of four magnificent litters lives with Shamila in Karen's family.


is the breeder of my precious Yona, beautiful in every aspect and the foundation stone of Thuraya's cattery.

I am deeply grateful to you dear Ingrid, first of all for this dream of a cat, and then for the countless times you supported me with your treasure trove of experience, your enormous knowledge and your big heart for cats.

I remember our conversation before Yona's (and Thuraya's) first babies were born: you told me from now on you'd take the phone into the bedroom, and I should call you ANY time, even at three in the morning.

I couldn't imagine a better mentor!  :*


fell in love at first sight with Bacuri as a kitten and welcomed him as a hostcat in her cheerful family.

Out of this developed an enjoyable and sucessful cooperation and a beautiful friendship.

I am very happy you are part of Thuraya's and my life!  :*


lives in the neighbour town Visp and is a breeder of Norwegian forest cats too (av Rhoneangels). 

Thanks to Jeannine und Susanne I get a few days of once or twice a year, in confidence that my beloved furry sweethearts are cared for with love and affection.

It makes my life more beautiful to share the daily joy and sporadic also pain in the everyday life of a breeder :*


lives within a stone's throw from here in Brigerbad, and is the godmother of all Thuraya's babies. Thanks to Susanne und Jeannine I can leave the gang alone from time to time.

You care for my cats as if they were your own, and it is obvious:they love you! at least as much as I do :*


is a faithful companion on many cat shows, the architect of Thuraya's first catrun and

THE founding father of the Villa Thuraya. Without you our wonderful home wouldn't exist. You are the best fiend I ever had. The Thurayacats also know this, especially sweet Yona...


Until we move to the Villa Thuraya as our forever home, we found a house for the winter - a plan which last minute proved to be a total failure. After one day in free fall we found a lovely place to stay, and because it is too small for all Thurayas plus pregnant Mara (and later her babies), Yvonne offered three of my sweethearts a temporary home.

I am infinitely grateful Yvonne, you are a true friend <3