Born August16, 2012

f 09 22 – black torbie classic white

carries non-agouti and amber

Yona is a dream of a cat, I love and adore her. She has a wonderful fur with a thick collar even in summer. Her tail is incredibly long, with dense, bushy underwool and long, shiny guard hair. Yona has the classic head of a Norwegian, with big ears and long brushes, one of them red, one black. Her eyes are almond shaped and are surrounded by long eyelashes. This beauty is a really big cat, with large, always snow white paws.

Yona is the queen of the cattery. She moves with royal grace and elegance and is respected by everybody. She is the mother of Thuraya’s very first babies In her second litter she surprised us with an amber baby: Bacuri, image of his mother, who is now one of Thuraya’s future breeding males. Yona is a wonderful mother and raises her little ones with heartwarming tenderness.

Our lady‘s favourite places are my colourful shopping bags, baskets and boxes, but the most favourite is on her human’s lap on the sofa. Wild games don’t attract her, but insects or butterflies in the garden wake up the fierce hunter in her; and mind the fence neighbour cat! When called for or greeted after coming home, she answers with a melodious purr or soft meow, and you can also have longer conversations with her. With the same purr she demands her daily amount of tenderness, and doesn't have to ask twice...