Born August10,  2012

nt 22 - amber tabby classic

carries non-agouti and dilution

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Shamila is our beloved wild cat, she would immediately be at home in the djungle.

She has the head of a lioness with a dead straight profile and a remarkable, prominent chin. Often you find her sitting like a sphinx with a mysterious look in her beautiful green eyes. She is a sturdy cat and has large paws with sweet coffee brown leather soles. I especially love her warm amber colour, I can watch and adore this wonderful cat for hours.

Shamila is a great hunter, fast as lightning, strong and skilled, and is always the first to catch a hidden snack out of a tricky box or a hole. She has her daily „crazy five minutes“, racing wildly across the house and flying elegantly over sofas or other obstacles in her way. This wild girl is very indipendent and wouldn’t stay long on my lap. But then she is a cat and therefore sometimes feels for tenderness, asking for it with strong pushes of her beautiful head, with loud purrs or even with amazingly soft and sweet bites. In her way Shamila is a very loyal and affectionate cat, she is never far from me, watches me work, scratches at the bathroom door when I dare to close it, and puts her favourite mice on my pillow as a gift. At night she sleeps cosily cuddled to my feet, neat to her human, but not too near.

Her first babies she has born with the secure instinct of a wild feline. One of them is our golden Aurélie. For days Shamila was so proud about her little ones, she would come and call me to see them every few hours.